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Something small inspired by music class today. We talked about children’s songs and if we knew them in other languages. Turns out that despite having 3 other students actually from Japan, I was the only one who knew ‘The Frog Song/Frog’s Chorus' [there were some Youtube ones but this one is 1000 times better :D]. So she made me sing it (//3//) And then translate it and fit a new bunch of lyrics into the same beat. It was a little challenging but still SO much fun *laugh* We also talked about women's voices being in a child's range and stuff. What more could I have asked for Min Ki inspiration? :D So that's what I have today~ It's short and simple but I hope you enjoy? [So many people wanted more Min Ki scenario @_____@]


You hummed as you worked on cooking breakfast for Min Ki.

He sat in his high chair at the counter and giggled as you hummed. He was in such a chipper mood this morning.

"What do you want in your pancakes, Min Ki?" you asked him with the bottle of pancake mix in your hands.

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