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Anonymous: How would Sungyeol/Sunggyu/Hoya react if you came home sad, not feeling like doing anything. Hoping today would just end. Would they leave you alone, try to cheer you up or something else?~


Sungyeol would hate to see you down and he’d definitely do his best to cheer you up, whether that be by bringing you ice cream or pulling ridiculous faces at you until you just have to smile.

Sunggyu would try to talk to you about what was bothering and he’d do his best to help. If it wasn’t something he could change and you’d just had a bad day, he’d simply cuddle with you silently.

Hoya would ask for your opinion. If you wanted him to stay with you, he’d do so happily, just holding you gently. If you wanted to be alone, he’d do that too and just give you some time to mull through your thoughts.

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